Friends of the Skateparks Foundation seeks to benefit the youth of America and the skateboarding community by organizing efforts to construct quality skateparks. FSF provides another outlet for the skateboard culture in communities to be discovered and developed. Friends of the Skateparks Foundation will help aid skateboard communities by helping provide direction and promotion for skateparks and events. Friends of the Skateparks Foundation focuses our efforts around building relationships between the skateboarders and their community leaders for the advancement and benefit of everyone involved. Public skateparks can improve the quality of life of a community by providing alternatives for at risk youth to focus their energy away from violence, property damage, drug use and crime. Friends of the Skateparks Foundation promotes skateboarding, increases participation, enhances the quality of skate parks and education. We accomplish our goals by working closely with the best skateboarders, skatepark builders, at risk youth, community leaders and our experienced industry partners.



• Strengthens community image and creates a sense of place
• Provides positive youth development in a safe, secure environment
• Contributes to the health and physical well-being of the community, particularly with youth in a time of rampant childhood obesity.
• Develops new community partnerships
• Study published in Pediatrics found that skateboarders are less likely to smoke cigarettes or skip class.
Skateparks also have an economic impact in a way that normal parks do not. Providing a dedicated location for skating creates a market for the small businesses that cater to the skating community, from skateboard shops and instructional jobs to restaurants and hotels. Adding a quality skatepark into
your town’s urban fabric can help move your city’s reputation to the point where it attracts skate tourist. Like Orlando for amusement or Las Vegas for gambling, clustering attractions boosts the whole beyond the sums of its parts. If done correctly, a skatepark will not only serve your hometown’s skateboard fans,
but have multiple effects that can benefit the entire City.
FSF is a non-profit that fosters skateboarding to help at risk youth and with the construction of public skateparks. Quality skateparks are the key to being successful, however many town’s don’t know where to begin, much less what the difference is between a quality skatepark and one that’s not. FSF is here to be the voice of the skateboarders and to make sure that the finish product is up to industry standards. Building a skatepark that no one wants to skate, totally defeats all the positive impact of building a skatepark in the first place.
If you would like FSF to help your community get a free public skatepark built, please contact us today at or call (910) 221-0466


Become a skatepark friend today by becoming an FSF sponsor.
An FSF sponsor friendship is an investment in both the success of
your community and the future of quality skateboarding facilities.
Together we can help chart the course that keeps skateboarding
the vibrant art, sport, and lifestyle that has brought so much to millions
around the world.
Any person who wishes to support skateboarding is eligible to become an FSF friend, a non-profit organization dedicated to building free public skateparks.
Your shop will be listed in our skate shop directory which will include your logo, website, address and phone number. You will also receive updates on skatepark projects and FSF event information.
Annual Dues - $50
Your company will be listed as an FSF skatepark friend which will include your logo and website on our main page. You will also receive updates on skatepark projects and FSF event information
Annual Dues - $100
Your company will be listed as a FSF skatepark friend which will include your logo and website on our main page. You will also receive updates on skatepark projects and FSF event information
Annual Dues - $300
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